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Neon Heartache … Inspirations

Posted in Designers, Follow the Fashion Competition by brisbane on July 7, 2009

We asked Follow the Fashion entrant Amelia Duncombe (designer of Neon Heartache) what inspires her …

“I draw my inspiration from my travel surroundings, such as the austere skyscrapers of New York, the grungy streets of London and the colourful Nike kicks of San Francisco.  However I find more of my influence comes from my own experiences here in Brisbane.

Things such as lying in New Farm park flipping through an Oyster or Vogue with friends, getting ready for a night out, or passing someone in the street wearing my clothes that I had sold them at the markets, these are all thrilling to me.

The way people in Brisbane interpret fashion, and how it has evolved into a fast-paced industry is so exciting for a young designer such as myself. If I had a chance to be part of this incredibly edgy scene it would be exhilarating. I would be proud to represent the new stage of the Brisbane fashion face”.

Love from ‘Fashion Follower’

Neon Heartache 2

Neon Heartache 1

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